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California’s 3rd consecutive severe drought year has a staggering effect on state, country, and foreign economies, and a huge impact on world food stores. 

Please try to conserve.

Can’t watch the Dodgers in LA, but it’s worth it to stand up to Time Warner

I’m a hardcore Dodger fan and have DirecTv.

I FULLY SUPPORT anything that will help ruin Time Warner.

I hope no one signs a deal with Time Warner and they go bankrupt. In the meantime, it’s super easy to find a pirated version of the game online. Time warner is a horrible, horrible corporation, and stealing from them should be commended.

Yes, cable is a natural monopoly, but Time Warner’s greed and indifference to, and unethical treatment of its customers and business (case in point) needs to be checked.

I go to about 10 Dodger games per season, and love listening to them on the radio, even though Vin only broadcasts the first four innings. Charlie and Rick are great. 

Love my dodgers, hate Time Warner. 

A lot of people think us cat-lovers converse with our cats in unintelligible babble, consisting solely of cat-voiced, baby-talk inaneness, spouting love, fluffiness, and adorability, without any real substance. So to illustrate the complexity, depth and similarity to the manner in which normal people would converse, I transcribed a convo I had with two kittens I’m fostering this morning:  

"So, guys, I was thinking -  if you expect the unexpected, it’s no longer unexpected. I think a better version is "Don’t expect the expected." That way even if something is expected, you still don’t expect it, which leaves more room for — wait then the unexpected is still more expected than the unexpected. Because you’re not expecting anything you might be expecting, leaving the unexpected as a more viable expectation, again rendering the unexpected expected. In this case, if the expected happens, it will be more unexpected than the unexpected." 

I’m pretty sure they got the gist.  

Congratulations! Here’s a cat giving you a high five. 


Based on a 1995 study by 2Pac and Dr. Dre.

(Source: sickeningliberal, via thebrowychampion)

Why I get nothing done

Noah:  Yo dude
 Sent at 11:51 AM on Monday
 me:  noah!
 Noah:  how you doing man?
 me:  hey is that movie.. does that have anything to do with you?
I haven’t seen it
I need a job
how about you?
 Noah:  yea i got paid a consultant fee
just to iron out the finer points of what actually happened
 me:  i figured
 Noah:  haven’t seen it
i already know how it ends
 me:  it’s like titanic right?
 Noah:  i also got casting approval, and russell crowe practically begged me for the part
yea it’s like titanic but with a better constructed boat
 me:  thank God
wow. no pun intended
 Noah:  that’s why you want jews building stuff, not irishment
 Sent at 11:54 AM on Monday
 me:  I don’t know, callahan auto parts are pretty solid
 Noah:  not since Zalinsky took over the brand
fuckin pollocks
 me:  ugh. zalinsky
 Noah:  pollacks?
 me:  polocks?

u momb. u were unlike anything i ever experienced. Eleanor was lucky to have you. I was lucky to have Eleanor. 

You did so good momb. With Eleanor. With life. I will never stop learning from you or your daughter. Harmless, inspirational, motivational, wonderful, K.C. Theis, Momb.